Siren’s Den The Musical

Stars Burn out. Love burns on.


Miller-Coffman Presents


Siren’s Den
A Rock MusicaL


Stars Burn out. Love burns on.

Book + Music + Lyrics written by Rori Nogee


Siren’s Den is a dark, modern twist on the myth of the ancient Greek sirens who lured sailors to their deaths with their songs. Here, the turbulent sea is the music industry, and the siren is Skylar Cole, a seductive indie rock singer in NYC.

Skylar’s biggest fan is Remy Morgan, a young, aspiring singer who finds that her songwriting is fueled by her time spent with Skylar. Although Remy and Skylar form an immediate bond, their attempts at connection are thwarted by Skylar’s hungry fans known as the Vultures, her possessive personal assistant, her suspicious boyfriend, and her own sordid past.

Soon, Remy finds herself drawn into a world of drugs, lust and empty promises, where some idols don’t deserve pedestals and some dreams come with dire consequences.

Will Remy find success? Or will she fall prey to Skylar’s siren song forever?

Directed by
Dennis Corsi

Musical Director
Ricky Romano

William Angel Bailey

Stage Manager
Nicole Hamilton

Set Design
Mitchell Ost

Lighting Design
Joe D'Emilio

Frank Perri & Jaden Nogee

Logo Design
Amara Nogee